Welcome to Booterstown Physiotherapy Clinic

At Booterstown Physiotherapy Clinic we offer specialist physiotherapy in the areas of sports injuries, back problems, rehabilitation and musculoskeletal disorders.

Injuries treated range from neck and back pain, Achilles tendonitis, ankle sprains, growing pains in children and postural problems to name but a few. Treatment encompasses manipulative therapy, electrotherapy, heat therapy, traction, personalised exercise programmes, Clinical Pilates, biomechanical assessments, dry needling, acupuncture and the fitting for custom-made orthotic devices. The span of patient types treated is from children with growing conditions and sports injuries, to adults with neck and back problems and sports injuries, to the older person with arthritic-related problems and osteoporosis.

The clinic was set up by Fionnuala Tansey, chartered physiotherapist, in 1994 and employs associate physiotherapists with a specialist interest in manipulative and exercise therapy and Clinical Pilates. Fionnuala Tansey, the Clinical Director, graduated in physiotherapy from University College Dublin and got her post-graduate experience in Toronto, Canada where she specialised in manipulative and sports physiotherapy.  On returning to Ireland she worked for many years in the Dublin Spine Clinic and, having gained a Masters degree from Trinity College, then set up her own practice in Booterstown, being head physiotherapist with many of the local rugby and tennis clubs travelling with the teams at weekends. She also has a Diploma in Health Economics from the Institute of Public Administration, Dublin.

Some of our specialty areas include:


For an optimum and speedy recovery of an injury from sport, early treatment is advised. The physiotherapist can diagnose and assess the problem and…

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Back & Neck

With eight out of ten people having back problems at some time in their lives, back injuries are the most common injuries treated by physiotherapists…

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With more and more adults and children spending longer periods sitting in front of computers and tablets and with the resulting increase in…

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From about the age of 30-35, wear and tear changes begin to occur in the joints of the body and as time goes on this can develop in to arthritis. Along with pain…

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Latest News

Now offering acupuncture and dry-needling

The practice is now offering acupuncture and dry-needling as an…

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