5 ways of reducing neck pain in the office


Prolonged sitting in the office can contribute to neck pain and strain. To reduce the chances of suffering from this try the following:

1. Sit up straight with the computer screen positioned directly in front of you so that your eyes are level with the upper one third of the screen. If your head has to rotate to the left or right to see the screen, you will put strain on your neck.

2. If you use a laptop, restrict its use to a maximum of three hours a day. The position of the screen in the laptop means that your neck is bent forward and longer use than this will strain the back of the neck.

3. Get up from your chair once an hour to allow your discs to go back to their neutral position. Even the act of standing for one minute achieves this.

4. Try and get out for a 15 minute walk during your day to allow relaxed movement of your arms, back and neck. Movement at the desk is so small that it contributes to tightness of the muscles and the walk counteracts that.

5. Do a few neck exercises once or twice a day. Gently bend head forward and backward and gently rotate head to right and left as long as it is painfree. Repeat each movement five times. This will maintain good range of movement in the neck and reduce tension in it.

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