Welcome to Booterstown Physiotherapy

Booterstown Physiotherapy Clinic offers specialist physiotherapy in the areas of sports injuries, back problems, rehabilitation and musculoskeletal disorders providing treatment for sports enthusiasts, children and the older patient. Treatment provided ranges from pain relief to joint mobilising to muscles strengthening to acupuncture and dry-needling to custom-made orthotics. The practice was established in 1994 by chartered physiotherapist, Fionnuala Tansey, who practices with a number of physiotherapy associates.  The practice also offers rehabilitation in the form of clinical Pilates.  The classes are limited to six per class and are given by a Pilates-trained chartered physiotherapists and are tailored to patient’s individual needs.  Classes are held most evenings and lunchtimes. The practice is located on the main road in Booterstown in south County Dublin and is adjacent to the DART station. All the physiotherapists at the practice are graduates in physiotherapy and are recognised by the Department of Health. Fionnuala Tansey graduated from University College Dublin and received her postgraduate training and experience in Toronto, Canada and then received a Masters degree from Trinity College Dublin. She has worked with Olympic athletes and has been physiotherapists to a number of Dublin rugby clubs over the past 15 years and works with many of the junior and senior rugby teams of schools in the area.