With eight out of ten people having back problems at some time in their lives, back injuries are the most common injuries treated by physiotherapists and Booterstown Physiotherapy Clinic is no exception in treating large numbers of people with back problems.

Injuries can vary from a muscle strain to a lumbar joint sprain to an acute disc bulge to sciatica. The first thing that is important is to get an accurate diagnosis and the physiotherapist is well placed to do this.  He can advise if an X-ray or MRI scan is necessary and can treat with manipulation and traction, electrotherapy and will advise on corrective exercises when appropriate. The physiotherapist will analyse the cause of the problem advising on techniques to improve posture particularly when sitting and will advise on an exercise programme tailored to the individual when appropriate.

With more people sitting for longer at computers and at work, the incidence of neck problems and neck pain is on the increase.  Injuries can range from a muscle strain and neck tension to cervical facet joint sprains to disc herniations.  Once the physiotherapist has made a diagnosis and a spinal analysis, he will treat with spinal manipulation or spinal traction, if appropriate, together with electrotherapy and exercises when appropriate.  Analysis of the possible causes of the problem will be done and preventative advice will be given.

Associated with neck problems is the incidence of headaches.  These can be in the forehead or at the back of the head.  Many types of headache can come from problems in the neck and the physiotherapist can assess to see if the headache is neck-related.  If it is, physiotherapy can be very beneficial in alleviating them.  Physiotherapy will be in the form of massage and stretches, heat therapy and gentle appropriate exercises to include analysis of the individual’s neck posture.