Healthy HIT Pilates

March 2, 2017

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Healthy HIT Pilates

Healthy HIT (High intensity Training) Pilates is the most challenging Pilates workout yet. It was created by founder of the Australian Physiotherapy & Pilates Institute (APPI) Glenn Withers and is a combination of HIT principle and Pilates movements in a structured licensed program. Chartered Physiotherapist, Dara Clifford is qualified to teach this.

Healthy HIT is a series of 6 classes each lasting 30-45 minutes that works you hard but teaches you correct technique to ensure you complete the workout the correct way.
Many people who carry out High Intensity Training do so with poor technique and work at a level that their bodies may not be capable of, hence increasing risk of injuries. This Healthy HIT Pilates ensures that the same benefits of HIT are achieved with correct form and function.

If you want to be highly challenged in Pilates, this is the class for you.

Why do it?

1) It’s quick (30-45 minutes). A recent study from the American College of Sports medicine shows that a 25 minute session of HIIT promotes more health benefits than typical ‘long’ workout of an hour or more.

2) It burns more fat, longer. HIIT elevates post exercise metabolism (for up to 24 hours after your session). You continue to burn fat faster than normal for an entire day after the workout.

3) No equipment needed.

4) It retains muscles and helps to gain lean muscle mass.

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