Physio tip for February: How to reduce your chances of getting low back pain in the winter

With the arrival of the cold and wet February of 2019, now is the time to renew your fitness regime and avoid becoming too sedentary as the days are colder. Too much sitting is a major contributor to low back pain and the World Health Organisation recommends that adults take at least 30 minutes of exercise 6 times a week. This amount of exercise significantly helps in reducing the incidence of acute episodes of low back pain and reduces the intensity of pain and stiffness that is already there.

Getting that 30 minutes of exercise can seem a bit of an ordeal but it can be done by doing it in small doses throughout the day. For example, by using the stairs at work or when out shopping, walking for 10 minutes going to work or to the shops and taking a 10 minute walk at lunchtime. For those who don’t like going out in the cold and wet, using the stairs at home is a great form of exercise. Walk up and down the stairs for 5 minutes and you will be fairly breathless after it which will also help your cardio-vascular fitness.

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